On every purchase of Passenger or SUV tyres at any Tire World Ltd branch, one automatically qualifies for Maxx-Sure Tyre Insurance. This tyre is covered whilst fitted on personal cars, saloons and Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) whose use is personal, domestic and driven on Kenyan roads.

This Guarantee protects You, the owner of the vehicle, from paying for any repairs or replacement of tyres damaged by road hazards, including but not limited to rocks, broken glass, nails, kerbs and potholes. In case of replacement, you only pay for the tread you’ve used.

Vehicles used for commercial purposes like Fleets, Taxis, Matatus/buses, caravans, trailers, Vans and Pick-Ups, commercial and car hire vehicles are excluded from this cover.

The Insured Event

The policy pays against accidental tyre damage that is beyond repairable. The event has to have happened on a Kenyan road and reported or brought to Tire World Ltd within Seven (7) days of the event happening. The date of loss shall be the date on which the insured event occurs and must fall within the period of insurance.

Period of Cover and Costs

MSTI is FREE OF CHARGE for the first year or 50,000 kilometres or whichever comes first from the date of purchase. The Guarantee can be extended for a second year at a pre-set cost as advised by Tire World Ltd Customer Service Agent. The additional cover can be purchased at the same time as the tyre purchase or at any time within the first year. However, the MSTI is only valid for Passenger tyres with a minimum remaining tread depth (RTD) of 1.5 mm and SUV tyres with a minimum RTD of 2.0 mm.

The Insured

The insured is any person who has bought the tyres from Tire World Ltd branch. At the time of purchase of tyres, you will be requested to provide the Tire World Ltd Customer Service Agent with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • ID Number
  • Postal and Physical Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Make and Model of the vehicle
  • Current mileage of the vehicle
  • Brand, Size and Pattern of tyre purchased and fitted
  • DOT Number of the tyre

We use this information to register You on our Tyre Insurance Database. We will only use this information when claims are raised on such tyres.

How the MSTI Works

Should you have an incident were one or more of your covered tyres are damaged, you should submit it or them for a claim at any Tire World Ltd branches within seven (7) days of the damage occurring. Tire World Ltd professional(s) will evaluate the damaged tyre(s) and establish the amount that You will need to pay for the tyre replacement.

The procedure is as follows:

Within 30 days or 1,000 KMs

Within 30days from the commencement of the cover or after 1,000km of driving on the insured tyre(s) after fitment, as specified on the Tire World Ltd invoice, whichever comes first, the customer will receive a full credit towards the purchase of the same or similar tyres(s) from Tire World Ltd.

After 30 days or above 1,001 KMs

If an event occurs after 30 days from the commencement of the cover or after 1,000 kms of driving on the insured tyre(s), whichever comes first, Tire World Ltd customer service staff will establish the amount that will need to be paid for the replaced tyre.

The basis of coverage will be the treads; the insured will be compensated on the remaining tread on the happening of an event. The tread will be measured and then deducting from that the excess of 1.5 mm or 2.0 mm for passenger and SUV tyres respectively. The remaining tread will be expressed as a percentage of the tread when new. The remaining percentage of the treads is then expressed in monetary terms namely value of a new tyre.

Claim Procedure

When a customer has damaged a tyre that is covered under the MSTI, the customer can go to any Tire World Ltd and present their original ID card, together with the specified vehicle and the insured item to make a claim. The Tire World Ltd Customer Service Agent then needs to go to the portal and find the customer on the database and verify the following information:

  • Full Name
  • ID Details
  • Postal and Physical Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Make and Model of the vehicle
  • Current mileage of the vehicle
  • Brand, Size and Pattern of tyre purchased and fitted
  • DOT Number of the tyre
  • Tire World Ltd Invoice Number

An Example In The Calculation Of Claim Credit

The claim credit is computed as follows:

Should you buy a tyre for Kshs. 10,000 for a saloon car from Tire World Ltd with an original tread depth of 8.00mm and the remaining tread on the tyre is 6.00mm.

Computed as: 6.00mm remaining tread the credit will be 6mm-1.5mm = 4.5mm

4.5mm/8.00mm original tread x Kshs. 10,000 = 5,625/-

The benefit is credited to the account of the insured held by Tire World Ltd. The credit is not paid in cash but used for the purchase of new tyre(s) from Tire World Ltd

The insured will top up the cost of the difference for (a) new tyre(s).

User Obligations

The MSTI is void if the tyres have not been adequately maintained. Proper care is necessary to obtain maximum wear from a tyre and to ensure your safety on the road. The checks are not onerous. Kindly ensure that:

  • The tyre and wheel assembly are balanced.
  • The wheels are aligned.
  • The tyres are operated at correct inflation pressures.

MSTI Terms and Conditions

  1. The cover is not transferable to any other vehicle or person.
  2. The MSTI entitles you to a maximum of one (1) tyre replacement per covered tyre. The MSTI covers the cost of fitting but does not cover the cost of any other services like balancing, alignment etc.
  3. The remaining tread depth will be measured at 3 points on the tyre and the credit will be based on the lowest measurement taken.
  4. The MSTI applies to the price of tyres indicated on the purchase invoice, not on the prevailing price of the tyres.
  5. While Tire World Ltd will make every possible effort to locate an exact replacement, if it is not possible for any reason, e.g., the tyre is obsolete, or the pattern has been superseded by a newer pattern or is simply out of stock, Tire World Ltd reserves the right to offer an alternative of equivalent value to the initial tyre purchased. In the event the customer would prefer an alternative brand, and it is available and more expensive than the one originally purchased, he or she would be required to pay the difference in price.
  6. The damaged tyre will remain the property of Tire World Ltd.
  7. At the discretion of Tire World Ltd, tyres which they deem to be damaged by criminal or malicious action, vandalism , improper use, fire, theft, used in a competitive sport, road accidents, repaired by another garage, mechanical defects of the vehicle and driving on incorrect pressure, are specifically excluded from cover under this guarantee.
  8. Tire World Ltd reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time with immediate effect by placing the amended terms and conditions on its Website.
  9. The MSTI is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and does not cover the following:
    • Manufacturing defects in workmanship and/or materials of the insured item.
    • Consequential loss or damage to the motor vehicle on which the insured tyre was fitted.
    • Loss or damage to the rims or alloy wheels of the motor vehicle on which the insured tyre was fitted.
    • Damage to the motor vehicle.
    • Liability as a result of injury or death from the injury from an insured event.
    • Any tyre safely repairable in the opinion of the dealer.
    • Damage to the tyres if at the same time other parts of the vehicle are damages as well.
    • Any claim where the insured vehicle or tyre becomes unusable and irreparable as a result of vandalism abuse and mechanical irregularities of the vehicle.
    • Damage of the tyre arising from gross negligence.
    • Loss or theft of the insured tyre.

The customer’s statutory rights are not affected by the terms of this guarantee.

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