I have come back to Maxxis because I have used this tires and I felt they are good and long lasting. Once I put them, I forget about them because I don’t get puncture or burst. I like them because they are big, once they are fitted I don’t need to engage 4 wheel drive.

The wheels are well balanced on the road hence balances the car which makes it more stable. I have done more kilometers before they wear out compared to other tyre brands.

As a tourist guide we don’t like tyres that get damaged before we reach the destination, we like tyres that take us to the destination without stopping, and Maxxis takes me to my destination, that’s why I have come back for more.

- Erustus

This is the second time I am using Maxxis MT764 because I cannot compare Maxxis Tyres with any other Tire Brands. I have done over 63,000 Kms with no puncture or heavy damage and that is why I came back for more. I recommend Maxxis MT 764 to the off-road users, they will not be disappointed.

- Richard

Maxxis has the best road performance and durability I use them daily. They have never failed me.

- Eldoret, Nakuru, Nanyuki and Nairobi Route

I used a certain brand and it lasted me for 2 months and I did not believe the value of my money, I felt so dissatisfied until my fellow driver introduced me to Maxxis Tires. It’s now 6 months and still is in the same condition, I trust Maxxis only.

- Meru Driver

Previously, I was using other famous tyres and they gave me service for 5 months. When I tried on Maxxis it gave me a service of 15 months without any failure, so far Maxxis is the best quality in the market

- Eldoret Shuttle Sacco

I like how Maxxis is now becoming so popular, most Matatu and passenger car drivers asks for it on daily basis, the accessibility and reliability with them is amazing

- Kirinyaga Rd Tyre Dealer

Maxxis is the best performing tyre, It has never let me down on my day to day duties

- Molo Line Drivers

So far Maxxis is my first moving brand. It is liked mostly by drivers and I can’t miss enough stock in my shop daily. Their service and reliability stands out.

- Tarakwa Tyres and Spares

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